Big Brother 10:week 6

Well Rodrigo gets my house proud drama queen of the week award, he made such a hoo haa about disrespect for the furniture etc after Siavash peeled a chair outside and throwing the some furniture in the pool then promptly throws oil over Charlie and over his bed and never battered an eyelid pmfsl, having said that i think he is likeable funny and harmless.

Charlie has been a bit better although he still bizzarely turns into a naughty 5 year old in the diary room 😯

Sophie/Dogface has definately changed since Kris was evicted last week although sadly was still clinging to Lisa and Karly’s word 🙄 (poor naive girl) lol.

Marcus although was very astute and in tune with what was going on he is now only interested in following and almost pestering Noirin 24/7, it’s becoming annoying, still don’t mind him though.

Noirin has changed this week and seems more confident and am glad she is telling Marcus where he stands although the penny hasn’t dropped for him yet 🙄 i’m glad she wasn’t evicted this week.

Freddie/Halfwit (his first week not up for eviction) has come on well since Lisa’s “gang” is now falling apart, i think he’s funny (sometimes not intentionally) and has a knack of when being picked on can literally turn it around and make the person picking on him look ridiculous lol, i would be happy at this stage if he won.

Siavash/Barbra/Cher is a complete nutcase so layed back and hilarious his outfits crack me up, i would like to see him in the final. 😎

Karly, oh dear bitchy spiteful enough said i blame it on the company she kept, and quite rightly evicted.

5 new housemates went in Bea, Kenneth, David, Hira and Tom havn’t assessed them yet although from what ive seen i like Bea, Hira seems quite thick kenneth (karly’s boyfriend :shock:) seems quite a bighead and has already said he will win 🙄 David (who bizarrely reminds me of Shrek) is as camp as a pink limousine and may also be a bit dim seeings he is already getting close to Lisa, Tom i have not seen much of yet.

Up for eviction this week:

  • Noirin
  • Sophie
  • Siavash
  • Karly

Evicted: Karly 🙂

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