A Tragic Tale

Frederick Fartwell a normal everyday happy go lucky guy booked into a bed and breakfast the landlady Vera Vacant locally known as vacant Vera asked, “how many nights would you like to stay?”, Mr Fartwell replied “just the one night please”, the enthusiastic Vera went on “that will be £15 with breakfast included of egg bacon sausage 2 slices of bread with tea or coffee what would be your preference?” Mr Fartwell replied “is their any chance of just having baked beans?” Vera replied “we only do egg bacon and sausage it is a set breakfast”, Mr Fartwell replied “oh! no i don’t want anything else just beans”, Vera relunctantly gave in and said “ok how do you want them?” he said in his usual jovial way “oh just bring the tin of beans with my coffee please”, Vera replied “what? you want to eat them out of the tin?” he said “yes and just a spoon to eat them with thank you”.

Next morning in the breakfast room Mr Fartwell arrives for breakfast eats his beans drinks his coffee thanks Vera for her hospitality in his usual jovial way and with a big grin say’s goodbye and leaves. about 2 hours later the police call at the bed and breakfast and asks Vera if a Frederick Fartwell stayed there the previous night they had found the bed & breakfast receipt in his pocket to which Vera answers with a vacant look on her face, “yes he did why?”, the policeman went on to explain that he had thrown himself off the high storey car park and was pronounced dead, then went on to ask Vera while he had stayed there did he seem depressed or down, Vera still in shock said well no, he was full of beans when he left here this morning.

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  1. stevebethere says:

    @Dell – Lol sorry about that it seems it British humour i didn’t realise.