Article: Run and build your own webserver

How to build and run your web server from your home

Author: Alex Yim

What happen if my web hosting company goes bankrupcy?
Of course there could be a way to save your website. You can ask them to send me the files and data of your website before they go bankrupcy. But think about it.
How many web hosting companies would tell their customer that they will go bankrupcy?
Most of case (I would say ALL case), you will lose your website.

Let’s another guess that you have a very high traffic website and you make a big money from it.
Is your web hosting company happy about that?

High traffic website take more performance and more resources than other customer’s website and they need to take more care of your website. But with same price?

They can raise the price or they can limit the bandwidth to your website or even cancel your web hosting service with any reason (they can make up any law any time).

So what should you do then?

That is why most of companies and professionals are paying so much money to build and run their websites from their companies and offices.

But you do not need to pay big money to run your website from your place.
There is a way to make your PC to your web server and run your website from your home.

1. Install Windows 2000 Server or 2003 Server on your existing PC (I recommend to use another or new PC to build your web server).

2. Register Domain Name

3. DNS Setting (Need domain name, IP address)

4. Get DNS Service (This service links your IP address to your domain name)

5. Load website files to your web server (If you are using web hosting, ask your hosting company to send your website file)

6. Make sure that your website is accessible from internet

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