Battersea Funfair

Battersea Funfair in its heyday

Battersea Funfair in its heyday

My favourite place in the world when i was growing up in London was undoubtedly Battersea Funfair situated in Battersea Park south London, days out was usually between Battersea and The London Zoo the funfair always won even though we lived near both, i loved the atmosphere and music etc oh and the the brilliant rides of course, i always remember it used to open every year from easter through to september.

They had the best waltzers ever called Cavalcade Of Swing

“In 1951 the park was transformed into the “Festival Gardens” as part of the Festival of Britain celebrations. As well as a new water-garden and fountains, new features included a “Tree-Walk” which consisted of a series of raised wooden walkways linked together by tree house-like platforms suspended amongst the branches of a number of trees. Popular attractions included the Guinness Clock, designed by Jan Le Witt and George Him, and the Far Tottering and Oyster Creek Branch Railway

Another part of the transformation was the addition of Battersea Fun Fair: rollercoasters, swings, roundabouts and general fun for all the family.

The fun fair’s most spectacular ride was a rollercoaster called The Big Dipper, which opened in 1951. It was of wooden construction and suffered a major fire in 1970. It was permanently closed down in 1972 after five children were killed and thirteen others injured in an accident on 30 May 1972 when one of the trains became detached from the haulage rope, before derailing and falling 45 feet (14 m) to the ground.[2] The lack of a main attraction led to the decline in the popularity of the fun fair and its eventual closure in 1977. After the closure, the “Jetstream” ride was sold to Trusthouse Forte, the then owners of Belle Vue Zoological Garden”

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  1. Website Design Kent says:

    I loved that funfair. I went there as a kid.

  2. RichardAlois says:

    Been to the Clapham Common fun fair a couple of times. But Battersea is rather nice in autumn – see link below.