bethere2day Updated To Thesis Version 1.8

Thesis 1.7 to 1.8

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My Thesis theme released version 1.8 recently so i was able to update it a couple of days ago it was straight forward and just a matter of backing up my old Thesis custom functions & custom css files uploading the new update and re-uploading my custom files back again then taking a deep breath to see if the site is still intact lol.

All went ok (I won’t say “ALL went smoothly” because i hate that saying don’t know why but there you go), sorry i wandered off topic then.

The best thing is in addition to some new features added to the theme i can now make the most of the new menus now in WordPress 3+, i have been playing about with it on my test site and so far i am really impressed.

So like with the last Thesis was updated if you see any peculiarities with the site it will most probably be me changing something somewhere so just ignore it LOL.

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  1. Ian@Unofficial Chart Blog says:

    And it was an absolute pleasure to help you test the site so that you didn’t f*** it up LOL