Big Brother 10:week 2

Well, Saffia left 😯

Sree has been a pain, Charlie an orange idiot seems to turn into a ten year old every time he enters the diary room, Lisa has nominated herself leader of the house LOL.

Noirin i like a lot so far and is quite patient putting up with Sree, Kris is a moron, Marcus not sure about yet although he don’t mince his words which i like about him.

Angel is a complete nutcase and went on a hunger because Noirin has to wear drawn on goggles, would dread to think what she would do if they ran out of toilet paper :-).

Karly is still talking about everyone behind their backs lol, Dogface seems ok would like her more if she would ditch the fake romance with Kris.

Glad Halfwit is still in the house he is amusing, Cairon showed he had an agressive side and was probably didn’t help him avoid eviction.

Saviash (aka barbra/Cher) seems ok and his attire gets more bizarre by the day, Rodrigo, who? :-), seems nice enough.

Up for eviction this week:

  • Halfwit
  • Cairon

Evicted: Cairon

Already evicted

  • Benazier
  • Sophia
  • Cairon

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  1. Ian says:

    Well I’m glad Cairon left he was annoying