Big Brother 10:week 1

Well it has been a week and i am starting to get to know their ‘erm’ personalities, so far i like Saffia now, i got her totally wrong which teaches me not to jump to conclusions too soon.

Sree not to sure about yet he seems a bit dramatic but in an amusing way, Angel seems manic depressant (now i’m being dramatic) :-), then there is Charlie (who is as orange as Judith Chalmers) i have yet to assess.

Rodrigo seems a nice enough chap, i quite like Noirin and she seems a good sport, Marcus can’t tell if a BB romance is fake or not, (oh dear).

Cairon seems to like washing people’s hair perhaps he works for Head & Shoulders :-), Karly seems a bit two faced but we shall see. Sophia hmm enough said.

Kris well he seems to think quite highly of himself but i will give it another week before i give an opinion on him, Lisa seems ok and the organiser of the bunch.

Dogface I quiete like her and seems patient with Halfwit but time will tell if she ends up being barrking mad. :-). Halfwit well he is definately barking mad and can’t sing for toffee, and the expressions on his face when he does try to sing is hilarious, i do wish he would stop man handling Dogface.

Saviash (aka Barbra) i quite like so far dresses bizarre but seems to have his head screwed on and for a BB housemate thats rare :-).

Up for eviction this week:

  • Halfwit
  • Sophia

Evicted: Sophia

Already evicted

  • Benazier
  • Sophia

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