Big Brother 10:week 3

Don’t know wether it’s week 3 or 4 but i know it was eviction 4,

My take on this week, Rodrigo has come out of his shell quicker than a jack-in-the-box, Lisa is turning out to be manipulating everyone especially as nomination day approaches, she also seems to put things in the others heads then sits back and watches the fireworks, don’t like her one bit.

Kris is still a moron but i have promoted him to a complete moron, Dogface/Sophie (i prefer Dogface) seems besotted with Kris i’m afraid that sums her up.

I like Marcus he seems to have them all down to a T as does Freddie/Halfwit who i feel a bit sorry for because team dumb seem intent on nominating him and making fun of him, he’s harmless enough.

Karly is still 2 faced and quite dumb, i’m really liking Siavash/Barbra/Cher he is also getting wise to Lisa and team dumb, Noirin seems to have changed personality since Halfwit got her magic marker goggles and moustache removed for her, then she kindly rewards him with a nomination, the jury is still out with her.

Charlie and his silly cruel antics on people that ain’t in team dumb then thinks it’s ok to apologise afterwards is getting tiring, the water bomb fiasco on Angel was cruel and uncalled for.

Sree seems like he constantly wants attention he needs to go

Well after a pointless twist with the nominations changed to wednesday with 90 second live nominations as predicted on most BB forums it was between Angel and Halfwit

Up for eviction this week:

* Halfwit
* Angel

Evicted: Angel

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