Big Brother 10:week 5

Another week in the house and Rodrigo although seems nice enough appears to fly off the handle at the least thing, as did Noirin (rabbit) over wether they said she was a rabbit or not 😯

Marcus and Freddie/Halfwit still continue to be very observant as far as Lisa and Karly is concerned and seem to have got them well sussed.

Lisa continues to be the puppet master but we shall see as the dynamics should start to change from this week seeings there is no Kris and new housemates will be going in on Friday.

Charlie Sophie/Dogface and Kris were put up for eviction by default for discussing nominations, (cheating) in other words, but Lisa and Karly wasn’t for some strange reason, also in the line up was Marcus and as per usual Freddie/Halfwit.

I still like Siavash/Barbra/Cher he tried doing Noirin a favour this week went about it wrong and it blew up in his face, he cracks me up the way he paints his face every eviction night.

Lisa and Karly’s hypocrisy still holds no bounds and the quicker they are out the better.

As predicted by most of the online forums and the bookies the unlucky one was Kris but lucky for us lol.

After quiete a tense eviction night Kris was evicted, hoorayyy 🙂

Up for eviction this week:

  • Charlie
  • Sophie
  • Kris
  • Marcus
  • Halfwit

Evicted: Kris 🙂

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