Big Brother 10:week 10

As the end gets nearer we will now start to see them turning on each other, i have disliked Lisa from the start but to be fair to her she has turned herself and attitude around and has become more likeable, she has become the one that seems to be able to see through people and has avoided confrontations showing that she is not so stupid after all, i don’t believe i’m saying this i would like to see her in the final i think she quite rightly deserves to be there just for playing the game perfectly.

Siavash at last is enjoying himself and has now put behind him the Noirin fiasco which was beginning to drag him down and become  a bit boring, he is now back to his normal laid back self i really hope to see him in the final and even win. 🙂

I quite like Sophie, she is always laughing and messing about i just wished she could do it without having to get drunk first lol, she’s also started to have a few of her own opinions…hallelujah!! :shock:.

Hate is a bit strong for someone you have never met but i really cannot stand Bea, for me she has got to be the most dislikeable housemate i have ever seen, she is manipulative, spoilt, and quite disturbing she can cause an argument out of anything, she wasn’t happy with just turning everyone against Freddie (leading to his subsequent eviction) she carried on causing arguments between differnt housemates presumably lining up her next target, i hope the woman is gone next week cos quite frankly she is completely spoiling  the last few weeks of the show and pissing me right off. 👿 :twisted:.

Rodrigo, oh dear, he had a tantrums of all tantrums which i spose i can understand why after (i want all the attention and be in the spotlight Charlie) tormented the life out of him late one night while he was trying to sleep and subsequently Big brother calling him into the diary room instead of Charlie, but i gotta admit he was quite an entertaining tantrum, he also met “The Queen” this week for tea with Big Brother kidding him she was the real thing, it was hilarious and he took it in good faith, i hope he is in the final also :cool:.

That brings me to Charlie all i will just say is, attention seeker, acts when the camera is on him, annoying, childish and selfish. :sad:.

I think Marcus is a brilliant housemate i like him more each week and he hasn’t sulked once this week lol, he doesn’t miss a thing he seems to be able to read the other housemates as if he watching it and not actually in it, the most observant and level headed in there, i love the way he tells Big Brother what he thinks and how it is and plays them at their own game. He played a blinder last week being up against Freddie and saying he wanted to go knowing full well the public would do the opposite and keep him in lol He just has to be in the final :smile:.

Last weeks eviction was a farce two big names up Freddie and Marcus due partly to Big Brother’s so called twists i call it manipulation, as Marcus was saying he wanted to go Freddie took it he would stay and made it known to the others that he would be staying which they took as being cocky and so it seems did the viewers plus Bea’ constantly demolishing him didn’t help as a result he was duly evicted over a small 53.61% :sad:.

David is still as gullible as ever and stupidly just cannot see what Bea is up to like most of the others and is still defending her, that is until she turns on him big time which she will if she stays much longer, i wonder if he will have the brains and sense to actually nominate her this week, we shall see.

Up for eviction this week:

  • Freddie
  • Marcus

Evicted: Freddie 🙂

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