Big Brother 10:week 11

Another week gone and and thankfully Bea was evicted and bizarrely didn’t seem to grasp why the crowd and studio audience boo’d her and was shocked she was evicted lol.

Sophie is still getting drunk after 1 drink and talking crap, Charlie is still craving all the attention and concentrating on where the camera is pointing so he can stand in front of it i hope he’s out soon, Rodrigo should try and control his outbursts they get more sudden and bizarre as the weeks go on.

I think Lisa is playing a very good game and for that she definately deserves to be in the final along with Marcus.

Siavash was his usual laid back self and refused to nominate as usual lol, David is so pre-occuppied with who nomunates him and who doesn’t that he tends to get on my nerves his voice droning on and on.

The end is nigh….

Up for eviction this week:

  • Bea
  • David
  • Marcus

Evicted: Bea 🙂

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  1. rik bean says:

    Big brother’s been scrapped then as it’s so bleeding boring!
    In that case, they should have scrapped rik bean LONG ago lol