Big Brother 10:week 12

The penultimate week ended with two of my favourite housemates up for eviction  Marcus vs Siavash (Marcos losing out), now apart from Siavash we are left with the dull block voters from the start that going by all the polls and forums nobody likes LOL. Oh well i shall be supporting Siavash to win as he’s the only one i like enough to want to win.

Everybody at the moment is insisting that they don’t care about the prize money, but that was until Big Brother took away the money because they broke the rules Charlie, David, Rodrigo and Lisa’s faces was a picture, the only ones that seem to genuinely don’t give two hoots for the money is Sophie and Siavash.

So there is “suprise” nominations on sunday (theres been more so called “twists” in this series than Chubby Checker had in a lifetime) and an eviction on tuesday, I hope Siavash wins and wipes the others smug smile off their faces, to be fair to Lisa i definately still think she deserves to be in the final  even though i am not keen on her because she has played a good game, the rest i don’t really care, perhaps they could put them in a secret house somewhere  indefinately:-).

My preference to go on tuesday is David or Charlie or both LOL

Up for eviction this week:

  • Siavash
  • Marcus

Evicted: Marcus 🙁

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