Big Brother 10:week 13 – Friday: The Final


The final few days was upbeat i suppose due to them all being excited about still being in there for the final, they did a Beyonce task which saw Charlie throw a strop because he wasn’t chosen to be Beyonce lol, apart from that it was quite funny David (or as Ally Ross tv columnist from The Sun called him “Lisa’s gay cling-on”) was Beyonce while Siavash and Sophie was the dancers what a state lol :-).

So on final night first out was Rodrigo which was totally unexpected he got a good reception and interview, next was Charlie who put on a brave face when his name was called  i am sure he thought he was going to win, in typical Davina fashion she grilled him in his interview about his relationship (or non relationship) with Rodrigo which was pointless and a waste of time but is spose it fills time lol, Next out was David, who minced out and was as camp as christmas and and as usual over the top was all fun though.

That left Siavash and Sophie, when Davina announced that Sophie was the winner she genuinly was suprised and it showed on her reaction, so next was Siavash to leave he was still wearing the outfit he agreed to wear ] a unitard thing and high heels) 😯 till his eviction to secure £10,000 towards the prize fund, during the last few weeks Davina and the rest of the Big Brother crew have blatently shown that they didn’t like Siavash and sadly that reflected in his eviction interview, but in true Siavash style he remained laid back and didn’t let it effect him at all.

That left Sophie’s turn to come out of the house, she was greeted with a good reception and plenty of cheers with the usual regalia of past finals, she  had a good interview which she deserved and was presented with the prize money of over £70,000, out of the bunch that was left this year and seeing that Siavash never grabbed first place Sophie was the next best choice.

So all in all it was a good finale to what could have been a good series this year if only  the producers would stop meddling with the format, Channel Four have now axed the series so next year will finish there will be one more Celebrity Big Brother and one more regular one in the summer so thanks Channel Four and Endemol for ruining what used to be a great programme.

Big Brother Winner

  • Sophie

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