Big Brother 10:week 7

Another week and another walkout, 11 was up for eviction Kenneth decided to leave via over the roof (remember he said in the diary room that he was going to win 🙁 ), after Big Brother bizarrely asked him to look for Karly’s contraceptive pills, strange and a bit iffy.

Out of the new housemates i quite like Bea and Tom they seem to be intelligent compared to David who has mentioned several times that he had watched some of it before entering the house, then makes a beeline for Lisa, personally that would not have been my choice seeings she is one of the unpopular ones although after watching him since he entered he doesn’t seem the brightest of the bunch. 😯

Hira i really cannot comment on as we have hardly seen her but as far as her singing is concerned i would advise her not to give up her day job. 🙂 although she is harmless.

Noirin (oh dear) she is running out of men quickly, i think she changes towards the end of every week and thinks it will avoid being nominated and forgets that the last one she dumped will most likely nominate her lol.

Marcus still hanging around Noirin and even though she has made it crystal clear that she has no romantic interests in him and only sees him as a friend he still won’t take no for an answer, poor git. 😯

Since Lisa learned she would have been up for eviction along with Charlie last week she has kept a low profile presumably to avoid nomination, it seemed that when the tables was turned and she would have been up she didn’t like it at all despite putting Freddie/Halfwit up for the first 5 weeks, let me see if i can get this right, she somehow was never put up for constant talking of nominations like the others were then when she is eventually up for eviction it was not counted because she didn’t talk nominations and the rest were lol.

Charlie is still poncing about and acting like a 5 yr old in the diary room although he calmed down when he knew he wasn’t very popular in the house and was potentially nominated for eviction.

Sophie/Dogface is a nice enough even after seven weeks she is still naive about many things and has been quiete of late.

Rodrigo is beginning to grow on me he seems just a nice chap, although he is still a drama queen and takes things to heart all the time but i like the way he stands his ground in what he believes is right.

I like the relationship between Bea and Freddie/Halfwit it’s nice to see them both get on and genuinely like each other, i hate to put a downer on it but i hope Bea isn’t doing it because she knew he was popular with the public before she went in, but we shall see and i hope i’m wrong.

This week Siavash/Barbra/Cher continues to make me laugh with is layed back attitude and is my second favourite so far.

Due to Kenneth leaving the the Big Brother house of his own accord lines were closed and the evictions were cancelled. 🙁

This weeks eviction was cancelled.

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