Big Brother 10:week 8

Were at week eight and what do big brother do? they do a re-run of week 6 and stick another ex in Noirin’s this time Isaac and guess what happens she is evicted a few days later 😯 either the producers wanted her out or they have completely run out of ideas, mind you having said that her personality had an immediate transplant the minute he walked in which made not only the other hm’s but the public see the real side to her, so just tgo sum this woman up, selfish, heartless and emotionless, i’m not sad to se ethe back of her. Bye Bye Noirin and Isaac Hunt close the door behind you.

Hira is still doing her excersises constantly in the garden 🙄 Lisa has been keeping a low profile which has made me sort of like her better, not much but better 🙂 , David is as stupid as a box of frogs and is i think unintentionally funny although i don’t think ide like to spend more than a few hours with him 😯 .

Bea has been doing the opposite although i like her directness and quite like her she does go overboard with the everything and don’t seem to know when enough is enough, as a result her directness is getting her labelled a stirrer, her and Freddie/Halfwit get along ok and Freddie is still one of my favoutites i just wishe he wouldn’t laugh at everything Bea says.

Charlie has changed this week and seems to be stirring it up a bit, thing is he can’t cope with the consequences when he is pulled up about it, i like Rodrigo a bit more each week i have said in the past that he’s a drama queen and i still think that but he doesn’t hold back with his opinions when he thinks someone is in the wrong no matter who it is and stands his ground i like that.

I think the second half this week Marcus has showed a better side to him and has not been acting so childish and is coming across more likeable i like the way he always gets  stuck into the tasks, i’m sure now Noirin has gone we will continue to see a different side to him.

Sophie/Dogface from what the highlights has shown seems to have spent the entire week in the bath lol, Siavash/Barbra/Cher gawd him and the Noirin saga was driving me nuts i hope now she has gone he will get back to his normal layed back self and get on with the game as i quite like him.

So to sum up Noirin was rightly evicted and her ex boyfriend or whatever he was walked out the house soon after.

Up for eviction this week:

  • Noirin
  • Marcus

Evicted: Noirin 🙂

Isaac walked

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