Big Brother 10:week 9

It’s fascinating how certain housemates fall apart as soon as they are up for eviction and the gameplan accusations resurface, can someone please tell these idiots that its a game so what is the problem in having a gameplan? :shocked:.

So this week ALL housemates were put up due to Siavash refusing to nominate and Marcus breaking a Big Brother fundumental rule by discussing nominations, oh yes their fundumental rule only seems to apply when they feel like it, has broke this fundumental rule several times during the first part of the series but bizarrely a few weeks ago she wasn’t up because she never discussed nominations (Rodrigo was also not up that same week).

Anyway, as soon as they were told they were all up and why the paranoia set in fast and so did the accusations and arguments, Freddie/Halfwit amusingly wound Lisa up which i think she rightly deserved after the hard time sheย  and her cronies gave him in the past but he achieved what he wanted and got her nasty side back out as since she was told by Kenneth that she wasn’t liked outside she had been trying very hard to keep a low profile, so well done Halfwit.

I thought Marcus had a good week and came across quite likeable, apart from his childish side he seems to be alert at what’s going on around him and always hits the nail on the head with his observations, perhaps he needs to sort the sulky side of his personality out some of the thigs he says does make me cringe but laugh at the same time, i’m glad he stayed.

Rodrigo is getting weirder as the weeks go on but i love watching him flying off the handle he is unintentionally hilarious, the only Queen he has any chance of hearing from after the show is over is David, oh dear talking of David he also made me laugh this week ive changed my opinion of him i’m sure he is a nice bloke, he has got himself into a couple of arguments lately but always apologises afterwards it’s just a shame that he has got so close to Lisa. ๐Ÿ‘ฟ

Although i like Bea, this last week she seems to argue and will not let things drop afterwards and keeps going back for more i was convinced it would ruin her chances of staying this week, but she did stay let’s face it the house would be quite dull without her gob lol. Siavash (who still reminds me of Cher the likeness is uncanny) seems to have lightened up a bit this week although i can’t see the point in him refusing to nominate, i hope he nominates this week as i want to see him in at the final, Charlie is still obsessed with the camera’s he certainly likes the attention and if he isn’t getting it he does something to get it and it usually ends in arguments, i won’t be sad to see the back of him.

Sophie is only entertaining when she is drunk, she is likeable but will still agree with whoever she is talking to at the time she don’t seem to have her own opinions. ๐Ÿ˜

Hira was still in the garden doing her excersises all week she always looked like she was trying to punch her way out of a bubble, unfortunately as it was a vote to save this week it was her that went not suprising the amount of highlight exposure she didn’t get, the only time she did get airtime she had her face pressed in a giant cake so that didn’t count really lol ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

Was a vote to save

Up for eviction this week:

  • All up

Evicted: Hira ๐Ÿ™‚

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