Big Brother 10:week 4

Another week in the BB house and Lisa and her cronies [Kris, piece of work Karly, Charlie, and Sophie/Dogface] continue to gang up on Freddie/Halfwit like kids in a playground, and Big Brother still letting it continue, although having said that Sophie and Charlie have not been so bad this week as the other 3 numpties.

Siavash/Barbra/Cher has had a good week as have Noirin and Marcus, Marcus got BB bang to rights which was brilliant to watch HERE.

Rodrigo, he seems a bit temperamental and flies off the handle for the least little thingĀ  perhaps he’s on a secret mission lol.

Hope Freddie/Halfwit has a better week this week,

Sree was an absolute pain all week and was up for nomination and fortunately voted out.

Up for eviction this week:

* Halfwit
* Sree

Evicted: Sree

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