Big Brother 10:week 13 – Tuesday eviction

After the  nominations sunday only Lisa David and Rodrigo nominated, Rodrigo wasn’t going to nominate but decided to go ahead to counteract Lisa and David’s noms, Charlie Sophie and Siavash refused to nominate but they all ended up being up for eviction so Big Brother’s last attempt to manipulate the outcome (they call it a twist lol) failed.

Anyway considering Lisa’s behaviour and attitude after previous nominations were played to them on the plasma screen it was no suprise that she was the viewers choice to go and as a result was boo’d by the eviction crowd lol, i’m glad she got this far though she deserved it as she played a blinding game.

We are are now left with Charlie, David, Rodrigo, Siavash and Sophie in the final, my preference of the final eviction order would be

  • David
  • Charlie
  • Rodrigo
  • Sophie
  • Siavash to win 🙂

Going by the betting and the polls Sophie is the favourite to win, we shall see. 😯

Up for eviction was:

  • Charlie
  • David
  • Lisa
  • Rodrigo
  • Siavash
  • Sophie

Evicted: Lisa :mrgreen:

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  1. nerval says:

    Hey love the theme steve. looks just like a proper newspaper. all it needs now is the jugs on page 3 lol

  2. Misterbump says:

    As long as it isnt a picture of your jugs Steve then It’ll be fine LOLOL

  3. Misterbump says:

    Aww they look pretty and un-sagging PMFSL