Butt Poll At bethere2day

Just a cheeky poll as you drop by, i am looking forward to all your usual witty comments on this one 🙂

Thank you for your vote

[poll id=”4″]

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13 Responses to “Butt Poll At bethere2day”

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  1. Comedy Plus
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    Looks like two loaves of day old bread if you ask me. That’s just plain gross. Leave it to you to make us spew our coffee/tea all over the monitor.

    Have a terrific day. 🙂
    Comedy Plus also recently posted..The Power of WordsMy Profile

  2. stevebethere
    Twitter ID:

    @ CP
    LMAO! i agree i have never seen anything like it.

    lol @

    Looks like two loaves of day old bread if you ask me.

    PS: What sort of loaves do you buy? 😯

  3. Colleen Dick
    Twitter ID:

    Should have had another option: Photoshopped!
    Colleen Dick also recently posted..Blown Away 1 CommentMy Profile

  4. Anu @ New Trends
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    Finger Crossed this time…….

  5. Don E. Chute
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    Those more resemble ‘Pork Shoulder’ the meat you make pulled pork BBQ sandwiches from…

    Now that’s some bad imagery I must get out of my head.

    Thanks B2.
    Don E. Chute also recently posted..TODAYS SPECIAL – UNION MADE SHARK PO BOY SANDWICHMy Profile

  6. Greg says:

    It took me a couple minutes to open the picture. Wish i would have chickened out!
    Greg also recently posted..The Originality Award and A Trip to Charlie Sheen’s ConcertMy Profile

  7. Dave D says:

    Hopefully photoshopped! (I agree)
    Dave D also recently posted..What Is It 302My Profile

  8. Russ
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    I am not even going to comment on that disgusting picture.LOL