Changing Theme

catalyst-125x125The WordPress theme I use Thesis had a major update before Christmas which sadly is just too complicated for me to use I have tried it on my test site but cannot get to grips with it at all, so I decided to switch over to another framework Catalyst in the next few days which is equally as good but more straight forward to use.

I am gradually getting it as near to my present look as possible and finding codes to put back the boxes buttons etc that was previously built into Thesis, I have implemented some css codes (I found from Catalyst’s excellent forums) in the new theme and found a good shortcodes plugin Acronix Shortcodes which also lets you customise shortcode styles which has made it a lot easier.

The reason I am telling you this is because if the site just happens to disappear you know why also once I have installed it and imported the settings over the site will probably look a bit messy until I put whatever is out of place or gone back as it should be.

The site has now been changed over without any problems…so far you shouldn’t notice much difference apart from a few things out of place here and there which I will put right when I come across them if anyone sees anything please give me a loud shout.

Thanks for reading 🙂