Left Sidebar Removal

I will be making some more minor changes to the blog today i am at last getting round to removing the ◄ left sidebar and tidying up. I am posting […] ...More »

Website Irritations

I don’t know about you but i get really irritated when i open a website and your greeted with annoying pop ups, pop behinds, subscribe pop ups and any other […] ...More »

Add Your Link

I have added a link page, if you want to be added leave your link including your keywords below, Top droppers and advertisers will be auto added. … thanks “If […] ...More »

Entrecard My First Month

It’s been a month since i became a Entrecard member and i am glad i joined i have had a brilliant time, so far whenever i do my dropping rounds […] ...More »

Minor Site Changes

Just thought i would post to explain the minor changes and improvements to the site. I needed to clean the sidebars up somewhat and to enable me to do that […] ...More »

Social Networking Sites

It’s interesting to see how quick the social networking sites have become so popular, at first i really didn’t get it i mean say for instance twitter, i just didn’t […] ...More »

WordPress Database Cleanup

Have you ever noticed that your WordPress blog is running slow or checked your post revisions?, a couple of months ago i was horrified to see the amount of post […] ...More »

2 Create a Website

Brilliant site with a wealth of useful info on web building and blogging, a must if your new to it all. 2 Create a Website 2 Create a Website Blog […] ...More »