Most Bizarre Headlines

Relating to the man who accidently killed his wife in his sleep “I killed my wife in my sleep….now she’s forgiven me in a dream” Relating to the news that […] ...Moreness »

Bring Me Sunshine

I can’t wait till the warmer weather arrives as i said in a previous post i take the heatwave predictions as a pinch of salt. I love the late warm […] ...Moreness »

Hot Summer Predicted Again?

Today’s news said that this summer is going to be a scorcher, only this time they wasn’t going by the long range forecasts from The Met Office because for the […] ...Moreness »

Quote Of The Day

On Katie Price “Jordon” “She is niggly with people and down, she sometimes just wants to sit in front of the TV with a packet of chocolate HobNobs” it seems […] ...Moreness »

Spotted Dick

I have heard it all now, canteen staff in the Flintshire County Council building in North Wales have renamed that old British pudding “Spotted Dick” in the canteen to “Spotted […] ...Moreness »