Election Is Over

So the election is over for now but not the fiasco, when i saw the outcome was a hung parliament i was ecstatic and jumped up with hands stretched out shouting yyyyyesss…that was until i realised it didn’t mean literally, the disappointment was overwhelming, but i won’t go into hung parliaments because i am totally confused by it all.

“Congratulations to Karen Buck for holding the seat for North Westminster central London”

Some MP’s wasn’t re-selected partly due to the expenses scandal, we now have a bunch of newly elected candidates ready to join the Westminster school of free rides shouldn’t take them long to learn the ropes.

One more thing i find astonishing is that the Conservative candidate for Westminster North Joanne Cash blamed losing the campaign on the media more about that here, it seems she never took it very well, i dread to think what she is like if she loses at Scrabble.

I am sure everyone is fed up of it all by now so that’s all i am gonna say about it all until the next election and that shouldn’t be too far ahead going by the outcome, but i must admit it was amusing that the result did wipe the smug looks off all their faces.

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