Election, Promises and Lies

Well election fever is upon us and their spouting their propaganda in abundance, now i am not an expert in politics in fact i know or understand very little until last year that is.

“I always knew of course that our politicians were erm how shall i put it not very honest”

I still don’t profess to be an expert but what i have learned since last year like I’m sure many others have is the scale of corruption.
The expenses fiasco was quiete unbelievable and they try to justify their dishonesty by stating their favourite line “i acted within the rules” then complain about having to pay the money back, well shame on the lot of them.

Now it’s election time and the promises are gushing out of their vile mouth’s, we have Cameron and Brown wheeling their wives out hoping to sway votes, David Cameron has just announced that his wife is pregnant the first thing that i thought of when it was announced was “good timing”, lets face it the election is a month away at most why not wait and announce the pregnancy after the election, I’m sure like many it won’t make the slightest difference which way i vote.

We now have the debates to look forward to “rolls eyes” the lies will most probably hemorrhage out of their mouth’s, for god sake just tell us the truth and give us straight answers.
Personally i have no idea if i will vote or who i will vote for i honestly don’t like any of these unsavoury characters and i certainly don’t want to see their smarmy faces on my television in fear that i might throw something at it the tv cost a lot of money.
I know one thing and that is none of these present lot should ever be trusted again.

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