Eurovision Song Contest 2011

Can the UK win?

Well at last in 14 years the UK have a good chance of getting somewhere in the Eurovision Song Contest this year, i better not say win or i might regret it..

Although i always watch it, it is not summit that excites me like it did when i was a kid when the likes of Sandie Shaw Cliff Richard and Lulu sang for the UK, since our last win in 1997 with Katrina & The Waves “Love Shine A Light” our entries have been complete trash with mainly unknown singers/groups who isn’t even worth mentioning especially the likes of Scooch with their awful song “Flying The Flag” :shock:, even Andrew LLoyd Webber’s effort with “It’s My Time” by Jade Ewan was awful.

I am confident this year Blue with their song entry “I Can” will do well although i hope they do because they will never live it down if Jedward’s entry “Lipstick” beats them because it is truly awful, and of course there is the politics of it all.

Good luck…. Blue

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  1. Ian@Unofficial Chart Blog says:

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    Come on Blue – you can do it and bring the contest back to the United Kingdom for the 2012 Eurovision Song Contest.

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    Blue are most definitely the UK’s best entry for a long time and they have a good chance in a fair contest! And Jedward are terrible, are they really the best that Ireland could come up with, what a joke!

  3. Don E. Chute says:

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    As a dumbass Yankee I have no idea what your getting at, but if you dudes are in for Blue….I’m all in too!

    Now I’m headed over to google to listen to what they sound like. Not that I don’t trust ya’.

    Aloha, brah’s.

  4. Russell Davison says:

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    I’ve been watching the Eurovision for the last 12 years as an ex-pat in the U.S., India, Singapore, France, and Switzerland. I thought that this year the U.K. would have come in the top ten with the “Take That” look alike/sound alike band “Blue”.

    I don’t think that the U.K. will have a string of wins again because of the competition and because of the voting system.

    The quality of the songs of the other 42 nations has improved considerably in the last 3 years. They are melodic and many are using semi-acoustic electric guitars instead of synthesizers. They all now use the common Eurovision song formula and common music modes. They are good.

    The voting system relies upon people phoning in to their host county’s telephone centres and there are many, many more east Europeans living in west European countries. So, the U.K. has a lot of friends to make, and, it must come up with a good song.

  5. Zach (Fledgling Blogger) says:

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    Blue became popular here in the Philippines few years ago. I like this group. They have pure natural talent. Cool music! Way to go BLUE! 😀