Farting Could Be Banned

Iread in a newspaper last week that the African country Malawi are thinking of outlawing the act of breaking wind, yes punishing citizens that have a good bumquake, it said the Malawi’s government plan to punish persistent offenders how the hell would they police that and how could you stop someone doing what comes naturally.

It could lead to fart wars fart in a crowded place and blame it on the nearest man/woman next to you and watch them being carted of to the fart court, Malawi would probably become a nation of silent farters which kind of takes the fun out of farting i don’t see the point if no one can hear it and give you a dirty look, i can just imagine a fart court all fitted out with lovely ornate air fresheners and the judge sitting there with one by his side just in case.

If i lived in Malawi i would just move into the court because i would most likely spend most of my time being on fart arrest

Apparently these courts will also deal with other misdemeanors, including

    Insulting the modesty of a women
    Challenging to fight a duel
    Pretending to be a fortune teller

Pretending to be a fortune teller cracked me up, i can just imagine someone pretending to be a fortune teller with a hand over a fake crystal ball insulting the modesty of the lady being told her fortune and telling her she is about to fart then challenging her to a farting duel, they would both be marched to the court and triple fined.

Can you imagine two police officers out patrolling they get two call outs at once one for a mugging the other because someone has farted it must be such a bind choosing which one to prioritise, personally for me it would be a no brainer it would definitely be the mugging just in case i couldn’t stand the smell if i chose the other.

Feel free to leave a comment on any windy experiences, funniest one will be the next bethere2day’s blog of the week,
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I was reading Laws – Part 1 over @ Comedy Plus a post about weird laws which jogged my memory and write about this, so thanks Sandee lol

🙂 Have a fun day 🙂

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  1. Will says:

    I tried that in my house. Did not work. I still farted occasionally. My dog thought it was a good idea also and tried to have me arrested for breaking wind. But when I pointed out that she was the worst offender, she went away.

  2. Comedy Plus says:

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    What have I done? Bwahahahahahaha. This post had me spewing coffee on my monitor. I know better to drink coffee when I’m reading your posts.

    Have a terrific day. 🙂

  3. Ian@Unofficial Chart Blog says:

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    In that case Steve you’d better stay well away from Malawi – You would be hung, strung & quartered LOLOL

  4. this gives a whole different meaning to ‘silent but deadly’!

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    LOL!! I just couldn’t read it straight after “fart wars” and “silent farters”.

  6. Twisting the Spanner says:

    But farting is godly and can save you from hell according to Martin Luther.

    Someone should remind the Malawi government of his words: “I resist the devil, and often it is with a fart that I chase him away!”

  7. Christy says:

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    And when would they start upholding the law, they certainly couldn’t penalize children for such a thing, could they? Good grief!

  8. Lainy says:

    How can one can attempt to stop a natural thing from bombing away? I did it just now. Try to put me in jail, LOL!