18 Responses to “Feline Friday – Shhh! You Haven’t Seen me”

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  1. Rhonda Albom
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    I almost missed the hiding kitty. Interesting photo. Cute kitty.

  2. Caren Gittleman
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    Ha!! That looks just like our Vet’s office, but thankfully, Cody does NOT do that! MOL!

  3. I love these images of cats doing crazy things. Thanks stevebethere.
    Have a crazy cat day my friend. See ya.

    Cruisin Paul

  4. Comedy Plus
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    I finally found the code on your blog. Good grief I can’t be that dense.

    I see the kitty.

    Have a purrfect Feline Friday. 🙂

  5. BeadedTail says:

    Hee hee! Great hiding spot kitty! Hope it worked!

  6. mimi says:

    Awww! You’re right, i haven’t!

  7. Rosey says:

    lol I don’t like the doctor’s office either. 😉

  8. Mike Golch
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    and I was never there!

  9. That’s funny. Cats really do seem to think they are hidden.