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Why Is My Computer Running So Slow – Fix Your Slow Running Computer In 3 Steps

Author: Jim Marshall

Have you been wondering – why is my computer running so slow? Do you feel like you are ready to junk the thing and get a new one? Well save your money. One of the biggest mistakes I see folks making is immediately buying a new system or paying for costly upgrades when they really don’t need to. In fact, often times you can fix your slow running computer on your own. So before you do anything, try these three steps and maximize the speed of your existing computer.

  • Eliminate unnecessary startup programs. You may or may not be aware, but every new program you install tries to automatically start every time you boot up your system. Sometimes it is even hidden from view. This actually causes the computer to run slow in two ways. First it takes longer for your system to startup. Second it eats up valuable RAM which can cause an overall sluggishness. In order to change this you need to delve into the registry by using the msconfig command. You can also use a program which can do it automatically for you.
  • Run your disk defragmentation software. What a disk defragger does is streamline the computers ability to communicate by using more accessible paths. This will help speeding up how the computer communicates which will fix many slow computer problems. Bill Gates recommends you run one every month. I would take his advice here. You can do this manually, or set an automatic schedule with a specific software program.
  • Clean up the Windows registry. Whenever someone asks “Why is my computer running slow”, I often reply, “when is the last time you cleaned up the registry?” This is often the most frequent cause of a slow computer. Think of the registry as the engine of your system. It break down, gets clogged up, and needs to be optimized. Windows cannot do this on it’s own and requires third party software.

Fortunately for those of who are lazy like me, you can download a program which can perform these three tasks. The program is also chock full of other features which will do wonders to speed up computer performance. So before you take your system to the repair shop, try running this program. I promise you won’t be asking yourself “why is my computer running so slow” for awhile.

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Jim Marshall is a computer technician expert with over 15 years in the industry. He has an intimate knowledge of the windows registry and various register repair software. After testing some of the top registry cleaners on the market, he has created a comprehensive review site that details his findings.

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