General hints for FireFox

Navigate Tabs

You can jump between the tabs you have opened by pressing Ctrl+Tab (to move from left to right), or Ctrl+Shift+Tab  (right to left),Ctrl+Page Up and Ctrl+ Page Down do the same function.You can also press Ctrl and the number that corresponds to the tab you want. Ctrl+6 will jump to the sixth tab for example.

Multiple homepages
Firefox can open multiple pages {in individual tabs) when it loads, or when you click the Home button.
Open the sites you want to browse then go to Tools>Options and select Use Current Pages.

Find words on a page
Pressing Ctrl+F will bring up the Find box in Firefox.
Alternatively, press either the / or the’ key to open Quick Find.
This will highlight the first instance of the word you’re looking for on the current page.

Find words automatically
You can set Firefox to search for words the moment you start typing without having to press Ctrl+F (or the / key). Go to Tools>Options, Click the advanced tab then tick ‘Search for text when I start typing’.

Quick reload
You can reload the current webpage from scratch, so that all content is pulled from the site and not from your cache, by pressing Ctrl+F5. This tip also works in IE7.

Jump to the address bar
You don’t need to click the address bar to select it each time you want to type in a web address. Just press Alt+D to highlight the bar ready for you to enter a URL.

Download protected content
Some embedded content, such as QuickTime movies,is protected, meaning you can’t just right click to save it. To get around this, right-click the web page containing the content and select View Page Info. Click the Media tab, find the file and click save As.

Recover deleted bookmarks
If you delete a bookmark by accident, don’t panic. Click Bookmarks, Organise Bookmarks, and then click Edit and Undo (or press Ctrl+Z on your keyboard). The bookmark will be instantly restored.

Assign keywords to bookmarks
You can load bookmarks faster by assigning a short text string to them. Click Bookmarks, Organise Bookmarks, and right-click a site in the Bookmarks Manager. Select Properties and type a short word into the Keyword box, then click OK.
To access the site in future just type the keyword into the address bar.

Tidy your printouts
To remove headers and footers from your printouts, go to File, Print Preview and click The Page Setup button, Click the Margins & Header/Footer tab and remove any unwanted information from the various dropdown boxes at the bottom.

Re-open accidently closed tabs
We’ve all closed tabs by mistake before, but with Firefox just press Ctrl+Shift+T and the closed tab will reopen.

Re-open previously closed tabs
Firefox remembers all the tabs you’ve recently closed and will let you reopen any of them. Just go to History, Recently Closed Tabs, and choose one to restore from the list.

Remove the closed tab button
If you find yourself constantly closing the Close Tab button on tabs by mistake, you can get rid of it.
Type about:config into the address bar. Find the entry ‘browser tabs.closeButtons’ Double-click it and change the number 1 to 2.


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