Hot Summer Predicted Again?

Today’s news said that this summer is going to be a scorcher, only this time they wasn’t going by the long range forecasts from The Met Office because for the last few years The Met Office have got it wrong this time it’s come from Positive Weather Solutions, apparently according to the news it is going to be a “barbecue summer” and a “heatwave” and top the records even beating the summer of 1976 record temperatures.

So after watching the unbelievably over enthusiastic newscaster nearly have an embarassing accident due to her excitement i decided to check out Positive Weather Solutions to see for myself before i start passing on the brilliant news, I’m glad i did because as usual wth the media they went well over the top, so my barbecue, suntan lotion is staying where it is till i see the sun and feel the heat in a few months time, hmm now where did i put that brolly.

Positive Weather Solutions
The Met Office

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