Internet Explorer IE Tweaks

Add a spellchecker

IE7 doesn’t have a spellchecker, but you can use the free ad-on ieSpell (

To check the spelling in a forum post, blog entry or webmail, either right-click a text box and select ieSpell, or run the programme from the browser’s Tools menu.

Change search provider

E7’s built-in search bar has Windows Live Search as its default option. To change this, click the down arrow next to the search box and select Find More Providers. On the page that appears, select the search engine you want and tick the box to ‘Make this my default search provider’.

Instant URLs 1

Type a website’s name into the Address Bar – bbc for instance – and press Ctrl+Shift+Enter. This adds ‘http://www’ to the start of the address and a preset suffix to the ens (such as ‘’). To specify the suffix to add, click Tools, Internet Options and click the Languages button.

Instant URL’s 2

Type a website’s name into the address bar Facebook, for example – and press Ctrl+Enter. IE7 will complete the address for you,

adding the missing ‘http://www.’and ‘.com’ elements.

Tidy your printouts

To remove ugly headers and footers from a page, go to File, Print Preview and click that button on the menu. Alternatively, just press Alt+E on your keyboard.

Print part of a page

If you only want to print a small area of a page, highlight the relevant section, then click on the File menu and choose Print. Under Print Range, choose the Selection option and click OK.

Get more add-ons

IE7 doesn’t have anywhere near as many add-ons as Firefox does, but to find what’s available, click Tools, Manage Add-ons and select Find More Add-ons.

Disable add-ons

If your having problems running IE7 it could be caused by a rogue add-on. Run the browser in its safe mode by clicking Start, Programmes, Accessories, System Tools, Internet Explorer (No Add-ons). If the problem doesn’t happen when you use this method, use the feature Manage Add-ons to find out which add-on is causing the problem.

Shrink the cache

You can adjust the amount of space used by IE7’s temp folder (cache), to speed up the browser. Go to Tools, Internet Options and click the Settings button in the ‘Browsing History’ section. Set a lower ‘Disk space to use’ figure – 250MB is recommended – and click OK.

Discover new search engines

When you visit a website with its own search facilities , the button next to the search box will light up orange Click the down arrow to view the new engine or add it to your collection of search providers.

Add extra features

IE7 Pro ( introduces lots of powerful extras to Microsoft’s browser including an ad-blocker, automatic crash recovery and a spellchecker.

Clear private data

To delete various remnants of your browsing history . This lets you delete individual elements such as temp files, cookies and passwords, or wipe everything in one go by choosing ‘Delete all’

Undo closed tabs

Annoying, if you close a tab in IE7 by mistake you can’t just re-open on the same page . An add-on called Open Last Closed Tab ( solves the problem by letting you re-open a tab by pressing Alt+X.

Download: Internet Explorer 8

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