Left Sidebar Removal

I will be making some more minor changes to the blog today i am at last getting round to removing the ◄ left sidebar and tidying up.

I am posting this just in case when you land here and it looks peculiar you will know that either i am in the middle of adjusting something, or i have buggered something up, (i want to avoid sticking it in maintenance mode) but with a bit of luck there won’t be any problems.

Although it isn’t much of a change it still is time consuming resizing header and right sidebar etc, so if you see any peculiarities or it’s a pain to use pop back later,
and to EC droppers keep on dropping or drop back (excuse the pun) 😯

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  1. Megaman says:

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    It seems when I make a change I always screw something up, good luck!

    • stevebethere says:

      @Megaman – I think your recent change went really well and you chose a nice theme.

      PS. thanks for the good luck

  2. FreeMoneyMaker says:

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    Why you are going to remove left sidebar? Are you converting into new theme or you have any new idea about design.I think the present design is very good, only the color of text in sidebar should change,so that it should bring some contrast.It is personal view,you can understand much better what you need.Anyway thanks for your comments,I agree with you.Have a nice day.

    • stevebethere says:

      @FreeMoneyMaker – There is a few reasons for removing it but basically find it looks a bit confusing with the text both sides.

      Also as you rightly pointed out it makes it look like there is no contrast of colour in the sidebars.

      No i will be using the same theme, that is the good thing with Thesis theme you can do anything with it and change it beyond recognition.

      I appreciate your input thank you.

  3. Sourav @ Tech N Blogging says:

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    I can see that you are using the thesis frame. The thesis frame is highly customizable. Why don’t you get a good thesis skin for your blog? It will set your blog apart from the rest.
    I would have loved to get a thesis frame for my blog had my budget permitted. It is a great platform.

    • stevebethere says:

      @Sourav – A Thesis skin is a good idea but unfortunately i have only seen a few free ones the rest you have to buy.

      I agree it is a good theme and as you said highly customisable but you do need to know CSS to make it stand out, although their support forum is brilliant with plenty of help with customisation.

      thanks for your feedback 🙂

  4. Tini @ Blog Tips says:

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    I’m pro the left sidebar removal, more for personal tastes.

    2 sidebars make it cluttered for me. But you are one of the few 2 sidebar blogs that is actually neat-looking. lol I think many people use 2 sidebars more for advertising or to make their sidebar stuff more prominent, as their readers can’t help but see the sidebars.

    But this personally can be irritating for me, if it’s in my own blog. The content is the main thing, not the sidebars; at least for me. If they like my content, then they will actively look for my sidebar for more of my stuff on their own. lol

  5. stevebethere says:

    @Tini – I have been meaning to remove it for a while now.

    Everytime i open the site i think that has got to go lol, so i might as well do it while i am in the mood to.

    thanks for your input.