shocked1Three men were working in the jungles of South America when they were captured by a group of Women terrorist, they were taken back to the womenโ€™s camp and were told they would be executed.

After a few days the leader said they would be killed as their profession by having their penis cut off.

The men were lined up and the first one was asked his job, he told them he was a lumberjack so his penis was cut off with and axe, the next one said he was a butcher so his member was shredded in a mincer.

This left the last who, when it came to his turn burst out laughing, when asked what his job was he told them he worked for Dysons!!

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  1. Carol says:

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    This provided the laugh I needed to start my day!

  2. Joyce says:

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    After looking up the business of the Dyson Company, I got a good laugh! Thanks.

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    I am with Joyce, I had to look up Dysons, then I laughed.