MM ~ Get Ready

Back to the 60’s with a Motown classic

The Temptations
“Get Ready”

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14 Responses to “MM ~ Get Ready”

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  1. Jean Soo says:

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    hello! great pick and i love motown classic!! how cute!

    Happy MM! 🙂

  2. Comedy Plus says:

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    One of my favorite groups back in the day. Awesome.

    Have a terrific MM. 🙂

  3. Maria @ LSS says:

    Cute song. I used to listen to Motown too. Happy MM!

  4. Liz says:

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    Great pick.. I used to watch Motown on tv.

  5. Liz says:

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    I’m sorry, I don’t know how those characters appeared in my first comment.

  6. Ian@Unofficial Chart Blog says:

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    Love this song Steve, It’s a great tune – Have a great MM x

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    The Temptations sure could sing and dance beautifully. I love this song…a real step back in time to an era when there seemd to be a lot more orgianl music than there is today.

  8. Lynn says:

    60’s! I wasn’t born yet, but I am pretty familiar of the songs they popularized. (“,)

    Happy Music Monday!

  9. Mirage says:

    certainly a classic, what my dad would listen to that has influenced my liking for music!

  10. Don E. Chute says:

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    I like this version a lot, but I flat wore out Rare Earth’s version on vinyl.

    I think it took up the entire 2nd side of a LP!
    note to self: Look for it on youtube.


  11. manong calbo says:

    Arrrghhhh…The song makes me bust a move (i’m writing this at 1am) LoL 🙂

  12. gagay says:

    love this song!!!

    Happy MM! dropping by from MM! hope you can hear my MM entry too..see yah there!

  13. Mystery Man says:

    if this song doesn’t get you going, then nothing will. great pick!