MM ~ Rainbow Valley

Back to 68′

Love Affair ~ “Rainbow Valley”

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27 Responses to “MM ~ Rainbow Valley”

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  1. Liz
    Twitter ID:

    Great pick. Happy MM.

  2. Comedy Plus
    Twitter ID:

    I don’t remember this group. I like the music very much. You know I was a junior in high school in 1968. Yikes.

    Have a terrific day. 🙂

  3. Ian@UnofficialChartBlog
    Twitter ID:

    Absolute Classic – Excellent Choice, thanks for sharing Steve & Happy MM to you xxx

  4. Lainy says:

    Awwww! Very nice pick, Steve! Though I wasn’t born yet in 1968, LOL!

    Happy MM!

  5. LAPP-Joel says:

    Cool, cool video!

  6. BB-Joel says:

    Love the song. HappyMM.

  7. Don E. Chute
    Twitter ID:

    Charming little song, very Pop68. The set design is very Prehistoric MTV, right?

    Now the biggie…Go back watch video…pause @ 0.36 in…what do you see? WTF! Now google it…WTF!

    Too early for me I’m going back to bed!

  8. Emm says:

    This is a great track! I love how it builds and it’s got an emotional catch too. I love 60s music – I was definitely born 20 years too late.

  9. Mariuca
    Twitter ID:

    Oooooh love this song, nice one Steve! Happy MM, don’t work too hard now! 🙂

  10. Really touchy song. Always enjoyed this song.

  11. bluedreamer says:

    not yet born in this era but i certainly love the classic songs…
    thanks for sharing and Happy MM

  12. Brilliant record and I’m trying to figure out whey I have never heard it before. These guys are awesome….

  13. Stacy Uncorked
    Twitter ID:

    I’m too young to remember this, but I enjoyed it! 😉 Happy MM, Steve! 🙂

  14. abie says:

    Great song! It’s just that I was not born yet during their time. Happy MM!

  15. Ane
    Twitter ID:

    have never heard this one before, thanks for sharing.. 🙂 This is why I love Music Monday, I get to learn about awesome artists and awesome songs.. 🙂 Happy MM! 🙂

  16. Caroline says:

    oh love this song too!! hope its not too late to wish u Happy MM! 😀