Most Bizarre Headlines

Relating to the man who accidently killed his wife in his sleep

“I killed my wife in my sleep….now she’s forgiven me in a dream”

Relating to the news that Londoners will be able to use their oyster cards on the mainline commuter trains

“The oysterisation of London”

Relating local councils parking wardens

“Councils ticket own cars then sue themselves”

Relating to getting back at exe’s

Website sells crabs to angry lovers out for revenge

Relating to one of the news headlines on a breakfast tv channel

“It is now confirmed if people on diets eat less they will lose weight”

Relating to a guy who had a groin wax (also known as the male Brazilian) for charity and ended up in hospital bleeding and in pain

“Brazilian Nearly Cost Me My Nuts”

updated June 18, 2010

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  1. Ian says:

    The “Killing My Wife” headline wasn’t referring to Derek Acorah was it? LOL. Maybe he’ll be able to get his wife to chat with Michael Jackson
    .-= Ian´s last blog ..Top 100 Best Albums of The 00’s – Part 4 =-.

  2. No lol but wasn’t he recently thrown off a plane drunk? he never saw that coming did he 😯

  3. Tini @ Inzone Internet says:

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    I’ve actually heard of that before somewhere.

    Really sad… imagine waking up, seeing your wife dead, going to the police, and them saying it’s you who killed her. (I would lol to this but it’s quite a horrible thought, sends shivers to me.)

    P.S. I get a lot of spam, mail and comment wise :*( Apologies, I’m not sure where you placed it. If I have more time I’ll look for it. But maybe you can just post it again? Or did you mail it? What was the subject? 🙂 Thanks.

    • stevebethere says:

      It was to do with my SEO options in my theme i will post again, also you left a comment on my test site so i will move it to this one i think it was meant to be in reply to site changes post.

  4. Tini @ Inzone Internet says:

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    I rarely even take a look at my own theme SEO options (whatever options you are speaking about). lol But I guess it’s something I should really look into. Depending on your question, give me a few days in case I need to read about it. Thanks 🙂 I love good questions. Here’s hoping I can answer it. I’m fairly new to this ok, but I’ll try my best.