Music Monday – Retro 22

This weeks Music Monday Today Retro 22

1. “The Letter” The Box Tops #5 in UK and #1 in US in 1967

2. “I Don’t Know What Love Is” by Foreigner UK #1, US #1 in 1984

3. “Never Ending Story” by Limahl UK #4, US #17 in 1984

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  1. Ian@UnofficialChartBlog says:

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    Wow – I know the 2nd & 3rd songs (BTW Haven’t heard the 3rd choice for ages Steve). 1st one, well bit before my time, but still a good beat. Make sure you have a good week & Happy Music Monday xxx

  2. Liz says:

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    Oh, I love your choices! I love Foreigner and I also love the movie Never Ending Story.

    Have a great week ahead. Happy MM Steve!

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    Great picks this week. I didn’t know the last one, but I enjoyed the video, especially his hair at the beginning. Gotta love those 80’s cuts.

  4. Comedy Plus says:

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    They are all great Steve, but I Don’t Know What Love Is is my favorite. I used to play that one often.

    Have a terrific day filled with awesome music. 🙂

  5. Joyce says:

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    These are three wonderful old songs.

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    I haven’t heard The Box Tops “The Letter” in a long time. It’s a great flashback tune. I was 6-years old when it came out, but I do remember dancing to it growing up. Foreigner totally brings down the house. The 80s generated some excellent hits, including I Want to Know What Love Is! I had forgotten about Never Ending Story – lovely song! Thanks for sharing & dancing with the 4M crew

  7. Lucy says:

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    Oh, my Foreigner took me right back to High School, not sure if I wanted to go there today lol, no, just joking, I played that song often as a teenager,loved it !

    Enjoyed your picks, as usual 🙂

  8. Mike Golch says:

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    I have to say The Letter is my pick of theses.

  9. Oh, my! I’d forgotten how good Never Ending Story was! Thanks for the videos . I’m amazed at how short songs from the sixties could be – The Letter in under 2 minutes?!

  10. becca says:

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    haven’t heard never ending story in a long time thank you for sharing that one

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    Thanks for rocking with us! Love the list.