Music Monday – Retro 27

This weeks Music Monday Today Retro 27

“Let’s Work Together” Canned Heat #2 in UK in 1970 and #26 in US.

“Don’t Stand So Close To me” by The Police UK #1, US #10 in 1980

“Self Control” by Laura Brannigan UK #5, US #4 in 1984

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  1. Ian@UnofficialChartBlog says:

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    A plethora of great songs this week. Laura Brannigan’s song reminds me of Hazel Dean?!? BTW. I’ve lost my voice from shouting KNACKERS LOL xxx.

    Have a great week Steve & Happy Music Monday to you x

  2. Comedy Plus says:

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    Love them all. Awesome Steve.

    Have a fabulous day filled with beautiful music. πŸ™‚

  3. Joyce says:

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    Great choices.

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    I haven’t heard or thought about Laura Brannigan in years, she was a favorite of mine in the early 80s. Thanks for the fun song.

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    Great 70s and 80s toonz from you today.

    I laughed at your comment on Marie’s blog about you ripping yer troozers. Funny….

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    The 80s really rocked! You know, Lara Branigan was really good, but what happened to her after the 80s? I don’t remember her much after that decade ended. Anywho, thanks for sharing great danceable tunes & for joining us on the dance floor on Monday’s Music Moves Me!

  7. Rosey says:

    Diggin the Canned Heat. πŸ™‚

    Pretty happy that look is out though, I remember my brother-in-law having that look years ago, man he thought he was hot, lol.

  8. Carol says:

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    I had forgotten how much I loved these songs. Thanks for letting me hear them again.

  9. Hazel says:

    Ahhhh Laura Branigan. Her Self control was all over in the … was it 80s? It’s nice to listen to her again after so many years.

  10. Naila Moon says:

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    Laura Brannigan-wow, now there is someone who has not been heard of since the ’80s. I love getting my musical muse on over here.

    I got a headache today but will yell KNACKERS anyway. lol

  11. Mike Golch says:

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    I enjoyed Don’t Stand the best.thanks for sharing the tunes!

  12. Rorybore says:

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    Laura Branigan brings back some memories. pretty sure that one was belted into a hairbrush once upon a time.
    Love Canned Heat — great choice.

  13. Colette S says:

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    I haven’t heard Laura in awhile.
    Thank you for sharing your music.

    Enjoy your week! πŸ™‚