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  1. Good morning Steveo. There was a time when Phil Collins was really great & he still is and I enjoyed his music. He also was with a group but for the heck of me I can’t remember. Their music was really good also.
    Yee hah, Country Road. I enjoyed this video. It woke me up and I needed to wake up.
    I wasn’t sure if I would like ♫ Distant Dreamer ♫ by Duffy but you know Steveo, I enjoyed this song maybe because I’m a dreamer.
    Well my friend that’s it for now. Enjoy your Monday. See ya for now.

    Cruisin Paul

    • stevebethere says:

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      Hi Pauleo he was in Genesis, glad you liked them especially Distant Dreamer I have always loved it.

      Thanks for stopping by and glad it woke you up LOL It’s 2.40pm here and I have just woke too..just joking heheh!

      Have a nice day Pauleo 😛

  2. Comedy Plus says:

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    Love the first one the best. I’ve listened to that more than once back in the day.

    Have a musictastic day Steve. 🙂

  3. Joyce says:

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    I’d never heard Country Roads sung by anyone other than John Denver.

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    Steve, Country roads take me home to the place I belong West Virginia… I grew up in WV, did you know that? John Denver’s song was like a my childhood anthem. I loved that song and still very much do. Hermes House Band add a cool pop vibe to the folksy 70s hit. No one can replace Denver’s original, but I enjoyed HHB’s cover. Thanks for sharing and bringing back some distant memories for this Mountaineer gal! Have a tunetastic day!

  5. Marie Moody says:

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    Couple new ones for me! You’ve rocked the house Dude! Don’t get no better than Phil Collins. I call his listenin’ music! Great choice too. I know the second song, but not the singer… cool video though.. definitely a foot stomper! 3rd one is a newcomer for me! Thanks for the introduction. Did your unicorn go peepee on the floor??? YOU BETTER CLEAN THAT UP FOR IT STARTS TO SMELL!!! BWAHAHAHAHA Happy Memorial Day! Have fun and be safe! hugs Fanfreakin’tastic Day!!! P.S. I told you about my shots right… well because of Mr. O’Bama my copay has changed from $175 to $250 this past January, so I’ve been saving up for them and I’m way past due. I just counted my savings so far and I’ve saved up $113 so far… YAY ME!!!! WOO HOO! WISH ME LUCK!

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    I used to have that Phil Collins record in old album form. Gave all of my albums (tons of them), to my ex-husband who DJ’d at parties, I was stupid!!

  7. Colette S says:

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    I love Phil Collins!
    Thanks for sharing the music Steve.

    Have a fun week!

  8. Stacy Uncorked says:

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    In The Air Tonight is one of my favorite Phil Collins songs! 🙂 The other two are new to me – I enjoyed them very much! 🙂 Thanks for the late dance, Steve!! 🙂