Music Monday – Retrotasticish 195

Music Monday Moves Me

This weeks Music Monday Retrotasticish Mix 195


Shut Up and Dance ♫ by Walk The Moon (2014)

We’re All Alone ♫ by Frankie Valli (1976)

Catch The Wind ♫ by Donovan (1965)


Music Monday Moves Me
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20 Responses to “Music Monday – Retrotasticish 195”

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  1. Joyce Lansky
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    Shut up and Dance. I could do that. I love the hair photo. Always a great visit at Bethere2Day.
    Joyce Lansky also recently posted..Presidents’ DayMy Profile

  2. ♫ Shut Up and Dance ♫ by Walk The Moon (2014) Oh my goodness. Steveo you got me dancing early this morning with this fantastic song. ♫ Shut Up and Dance ♫ with me everyone. I played this song four times and I’m still moving.
    ♫ We’re All Alone ♫ by Frankie Valli is a great song but after ♫ Shut Up and Dance ♫, no way. I’m going back to ♫ Shut Up and Dance ♫.
    ♫ Catch The Wind ♫ by Donovan I’m falling asleep Steveo so I’m going back to ♫ Shut Up and Dance ♫ by Walk The Moon . ♫ Shut Up and Dance ♫ my friend. Ooh Laa. My mind is going to continue throughout the day with ♫ Shut Up and Dance ♫.
    Have a great afternoon and ♫ Shut Up and Dance ♫ Steveo. Now see what you’ve done to me. Ha,ha,ha,ha,ha. ♫ Shut Up and Dance ♫.

    See ya & ♫ Shut Up and Dance ♫.

    Cruisin Paul

  3. Comedy Plus
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    ♥Shut Up and Dance♥ is awesome. Wow.

    I too love that electric hair.

    Have a musictastic day, Steve. 🙂
    Comedy Plus also recently posted..Awww MondaysMy Profile

  4. Marg says:

    Those are such great songs. I do like that Frankie Valli song. I also think the electric hair is just great. Have a great day Steve.

  5. John Holton
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    Several very good ones here. Are you sure that first one is from 2014? It had a definite Eighties vibe…
    John Holton also recently posted..Monday’s Music Moves Me: Crunching The NumbersMy Profile

  6. Marie Moody
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    bwahahahahha that guy cracks me up I’ll be laughing about that one for a long time…. bwahahahaha I see you have my Four Seasons on here… they’ll always be my favorite group. YOU ROCK MY FRIEND!!! GREAT TUNES!!! HOLY CRAP DONOVAN IS JUST A BABY!!!! Bwahahahahahaha

  7. Cathy Kennedy
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    Steve, “Shut Up and Dance” is a great get-to-your-feet kinda song! I loved that you shared that first. I had to go back to listen to it again after the two slower placed songs just to get the energy to move on this morning. lol The gif of the man’s hair standing on ends makes me think of the static ball thing at the Oak Ridge Science and Energy Museum, which will cause your hair to stand up like this dude’s. lol Yesterday was a bad day for me, so I’m a day late visiting. Thanks for joining the 4M gang!
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  8. Fred
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    I figured Donovan would win by a mile, and in the end I will go with ‘Catch the Wind’, but have to admit that ‘Shut Up and Dance’ is pretty good too! All 3 are solid tunes, well played sir.
    Fred also recently posted..Top 10 Most Underrated Beatles SongsMy Profile

  9. Stacy Uncorked
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    Shut Up and Dance is a favorite – love all your choices, Steve! Thanks for the dance! 🙂
    Stacy Uncorked also recently posted..Happy People and Scars To Your Beautiful so Play That Song because We Should Be FriendsMy Profile