My take on the Britains Got Talent final

As did most of us i watched the Britain’s Got Talent final last night (ITV-1 Sat 30th May 2009), I think Diversity was well deserved winners against Susan Boyle and Julian Smith from the top three.

Aiden Davis: Dancer 🙂

Good dancer and he’s only young will probably go on to do more.

Hollie Steel: Singer 🙁

After messing up due to nerves in the semi’s and to be allowed to start again then put through to the final seemed a bit of a farce, on final night there was no sign of nerves and was flawless (not the dance group) lol. Fortunately the public didn’t think she was good enough.

2 Grand: Singers 🙂

Pleasant enough family entertainment deserved to be in the final out of what was left but not good enough to have won.

Julian Smith: Saxophonist 😮

I Suprisingly enjoyed this and choosing the right songs helped him, I liked him a lot.

Shaheen Jafargholi: Singer 🙂

Brilliant singer for his age with a strong voice, I thought had a really good chance of winning I would have been happy if he did. J

Stavros Flatley: Comic dancers 🙂

Brilliant and original, father and son really gel with each other and was a joy to watch I hope they do well out of the competition.

Flawless: Dance acts 🙂

As the name says they gave a flawless (sorry for the pun) performance but not quite up to Diversity’s standards.

Shaun Smith: Singer 🙂

Great voice and will probably get work out of the competition, to me just seems something missing in his voice a bit drab (not meant in a nasty way).

Susan Boyle: Singer 🙂

Good voice and cam belt it out, didn’t need to win she will get plenty of offers as its already proved.

Diversity: Dance acts 🙂

Well deserved winners their act was done to perfection and was flawless (excuse the pun again) lol.

Great final and a must see as usual.

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