My Take On The UK Leaders Debate

I watched the leaders debate (Nick Clegg David Cameron and Gordon Brown) or as the media put it “historic” and to be honest i am none the wiser, nothing new was said and some questions were answered vaguely.

Nick Clegg done a good job considering how heavily stage managed the debate was, i understand their has to be some control so that each leader gets a fair chance to have their say but it was all too obvious and wooden as each one impatiently waited their turn to babble as fast as they possibly could, i say babble because that’s mainly what Cameron and Brown did you see it saves giving a straight answer.

As this was the first ever leaders debate it is too early to say if it has swayed any ditherers we have two more debates to go so perhaps it will become clearer to some after the third one, but in my opinion it slightly bothers me that the medium is focusing more on who had a wonky tie and the colour of their shirts what that has to do with running the country is baffling.

To sum up Clegg had an advantage in the fact that he has more chance of becoming queen than Prime Minister so was more straight forward, Cameron’s act was so polished it enabled his smugness to shine Mr Sheen would be proud, and with his fist firmly clenched i thought he looked ready to lay his opponents out, Brown well i didn’t think he done to bad but i think in these sort of situations he does come across as dull.

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