New Age Legends

There is something that really gets on my nerves, when you think of the word “legend” you think of an historic occurrence, tale or person but there is a new wave of legends emerging and that is the media’s obsession with referring to minor celebrities and when i say minor i mean z listers as “legends” or “legendary” well here in the UK they do and it really is extremely annoying,

“It seems over time it has become regular for showbiz luvvies to introduce each other as legends or legendary”

Now don’t get me wrong I’m all for some being labeled a legend when they really are one but in the world of showbiz they love nothing more than to refer to each other as legends, i am not talking about the likes of Bette Davis, Clark Gable etc either who in my opinion are legends they earned it.

I will give you two examples recently Kelly Brooke was appearing on a lunchtime chat show and was introduced as a Hollywood Legend i nearly spat my filtered drip through coffee with sweetener and milk out laughing, now this is someone who never even lasted a week as a judge on Britain’s Got Talent.

The other is Michael Barrymore who on a reality show recently was described as a comedy legend, i won’t bother with his details here as they can be seen on the link provided he is hardly legend material, although legend has it that he is one of the most annoying men on the planet.

Even Shergar or The Krankies would out legend our newly relegated comedy legends, cooking legends, reality show legends or any other legend they care to create.

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  1. Misterbump@Unofficial Chart Blog says:

    I AM A LEGEND – and don’t you forget it LOL
    .-= Ian´s last blog ..Eurovision Song Contest – The Final =-.

  2. Twitter ID:

    I think they really meant Leg End when they were referring to Kelly Brooke and Michael Barrymore, because I doubt those two fools are even legends in their own minds…

  3. stevebethere says:

    Leg End heh heh! do u know you could be right.