Pointless Gadget Of The Week

Send your mobile “back to the future”

His mobile phone neatly sits in his shirt pocket it makes you wonder where he puts the handset, he seems to look pleased with it though, 😯 amusing but totally bizarre LOL

I actually saw this in a free magazine that came with a newspaper a while back.

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  1. local business marketing says:

    hahaahahaahahahaha epic failed!!!

  2. Greg says:

    Strange..But its better than the blue-tooth, people walking around talking, and you think they’re talking to themselves if the blue-tooth is on the other side of their head.

    • stevebethere says:

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      @ Greg
      I think that quite often then realise they are using a bluetooth set, mind you personally i would prefer that option than walking down the street with that handset attached to my mobile LOL 🙂

      Thanks for your visits Greg

  3. I love it…that truly is a touch of class.

  4. Dave D says:

    My first “mobile Phone” was called a transportable. It came with a shoulder strap and an antenna that could be removed…so I could reconnect it to my cat antenna when I got back to the car. It was the best sounding phone I ever had. 6 watts of power compared to .6 or so in the modern phones. I think we paid 1500.00 dollars for it.

    Dave D

    • stevebethere says:

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      @ Dave D
      It’s hard to believe how big mobiles used to be isn’t it, i remember a mate having one it it was big with a handle and couldn’t understand why he bothered with it because to use them was so expensive then.

      It always gives me a laugh seeing them being used in the old repeats on TV. 🙂

  5. Russ says:

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    Actually I think that is a good idea if you want to use the hand set at home. Do away with the home phone.

  6. rafi says:

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  7. B2b Marketplace says:

    using chord less set at home is best option and @greg i think using blue-tooth head sets are best for business class.

  8. zezebel says:

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    Why do you need to bring that bulky home phone like that when you want a mobile phone? Sound like a joke to me. lol.

  9. Acura Integra Parts says:

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    WOW that’s fantastic, people are obviously going to note your nostalgic gadget…BTW making it wireless would me more fun 😉

  10. ShoutBloger says:

    Funny but it’s cool Gadget. Old school ahaahaaaaaaaaa……………..