Problems With Entrecard

Lately I have noticed continuous errors while trying to use Entrecard, which is now getting very frustrating especially while on dropping sprees.

There also seem to be many sites now that have malware, Avast blocks at least 3 or 4 sites a day because of it, plus sites with no EC widgets are in my inbox every single day.

As Mike from GOLCH CENTRAL’S RAMBLING STUFF has already posted on his blogs The Firefox Toolbar (Entrebar) is out of date, Firefox is now at version 7.0.1 the toolbar can only be used as high as FF5 if you update Firefox to the latest version the Entrebar is useless.

Although dropping everyday can be time consuming I used to enjoy it, but these last few weeks It’s becoming a nightmare just to get them done when Entrecard is up and down, I have emailed them but as of yet have not had a reply.

  • Entrecard site constant errors and unreachable at times
  • Dead sites
  • Malware and Trojans
  • Sites with no EC widgets
  • Firefox Entrebar Toolbar incompatible with latest FF versions
  • When EC works it’s a good tool and can be quick using the Entrebar with FF I hope they sort it out soon. 😉

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  1. Comedy Plus says:

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    I hope they sort it out soon too. Very, very frustrating.

    Have a terrific day. 🙂

  2. Russ says:

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    It is driving me crazy.

  3. Slappy Bear says:

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    EC is getting very frustrating lately, that’s one of the reasons my EC dropping has been a bit slower than normal, I used to find it so much easier with the Toolbar running 😉

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    I am still new to EC and wasn’t really getting into it much because of some of these things you mention. Glad to hear it was better and hope it returns that way.

  5. Mike says:

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    I’m still up in the air about Entrecard. It really does take more and more time, but I have found some good blog reads through it, and made some friends in the community. Besides all you mention above, when it does go down, it slows your website loading. I get much less than 10% of my traffic from it, and wonder if it’s worth the headaches. But then again, I might not have found this blog, and many others, without it.

  6. VampireWiki Blog says:

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    I know, it is killing my Drop count… I hope they fix it soon.

  7. I agree it is getting frustrating!! I have been getting those error notices too!

  8. I’ve been noticing the same thing. I’ve been using Entrecard for several years now and this is the worst I’ve ever seen it. Very frustrating. I wish they’d fix things…

  9. Lainy says:

    You don’t wait for any reply, Steve. They don’t send out any even if it’s kind of urgent. I believe it has been more than a week that it’s working like this. No notification whatsoever. Frustrating.

  10. John says:

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    I don’t think anyone is taking notice of support emails. 🙁

  11. BruNo says:

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    At first I thought it was my crappy and snailish connection, since one of the symptoms I got was it was sooo hard to log in to my dashboard and inbox at times, and when I finally logged in, it was not my dashboard or inbox!

  12. Mike Golch says:

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    the aggrevating thing is that they have not answered me as well.and when i get pissed enough the rants start on my blogs and the emails that I send really get a nasty tone to them.entrecard has recieved a lot of nasty emails from me as well,I hope those fine people at Entre Card get their acttogether real soon.But I doubt it.

  13. EC dropping is certainly getting frustrating these days, at times I cannot even log in. I am still with EC because of some good blogs I found through it and many are the commentators here. 🙂

  14. Joyce says:

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    I’ve noticed the site is very slow, and I don’t have time to wait while it spins.

  15. Ian@Unofficial Chart Blog says:

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    Well, as everybody else has had their say about the site which is known as EntreCard, I thought I would add my “two-pennies worth”. I have been getting extremely frustrated over the last couple of weeks with the site. They really don’t seem to care about their customers, nor their site (which I’d like to add is well out of date). The slowness, lack of support (or should I say non-existence of support), the “can’t be bothered to update their toolbar to the recent version of FireFox”, the constant malicious URL that have joined their site, the sites where no widgets are showing (and EC let them get away with that), the EC Widgets which should be at the top of the site, and they are right at the bottom, the list could go on and on and…….

    I am seriously thinking about leaving their site, and then warn all new members of the site to stay WELL AWAY from them. Cos if they join, they will soon regret doing so.

    The programme of blog networking is such a fantastic idea, and EntreCard did (and I use that term very lightly) such a great job… the beginning, but now they just don’t seem to give a crap.

    I just wish that they would pull their fingers out of each others back-sides and sort the site out, and bring it back to the forefront of blog networking.

    This comment is in no way associated with bethere2day, this is my own opinion.

  16. Brenda says:

    I totally agree! I thought I was the only one running into all these problems. My husband always has to check my computer to make sure I don’t have any viruses because of this.

  17. sparky says:

    Well it seems today Entre card has become unreachable again I even did a traceroute and it times out on their end, Guess they threw in the towel, has anyone gotten a response as to what the problem seems to be or if it will be corrected? I am glad to know I am not the only one with problems at first i thought i was having an issue with my firewall and i was pulling my hair out “well what little is left”.