Quote Of The Day

On Katie Price “Jordon”

“She is niggly with people and down, she sometimes just wants to sit in front of the TV with a packet of chocolate HobNobs”

it seems she has gone off Spotted Dick

(or Spotted Richard just in case the canteen staff in the  Flinstshire council building spot this)

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  1. Jock says:

    well this blog was recommended to me by my best mate rik bean as being the greatest blog on earth, but theres nothing on here today and im sick of reading about jordan, so i’ll just go off and check out the idnetters forum lol

    hey steve, idnetters must still have my details as I got a PM from sombeody on there yesterday asking me about torrents. What a coincidence after us talking about it eh. so I’ll just block idnetters on my email – theres no way i’m going to log on to cancel it pmsl

  2. steve says:

    I thought you liked her LOL.

    It’s strange how the emails have just started again isn’t it if i get anymore i will use the unsubscribe if there is one.

  3. wee nerval crankie says:

    have u seen the film In the loop? It’s a scream – I laughed all the way thru it. The minister at the centre of it is just like my old boss.And it’s got Tony Soprano playing a US general in it too.
    Was only at the pix for a short while so I missed it and had to get it off torrents, but it’s well worth a look when you’ve run out of porn.

    btw lets have more great articles about sexy porn stars like katie price and wee jimmy crankie

  4. steve says:

    You was only there a short while?, why was that was you asked to leave? LOL