Silly Sunday – A Loving Wife

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A Loving Wife

angry ladyHusband lies dying, his wife is by his bedside.
He says in a weakened voice “There is something I must confess”.

“Shhhh” said the wife “there is nothing to confess”.

She holds his hand and caresses his head. “Everything is all right” she whispers.

“NO!!” the husband replied“ I must die in peace…I had sex with your sister, your best friend, her best friend and your best friend’s mum!”

“I know,” she whispered,“ That’s why I poisoned you. now close your eyes”…. 🙄

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  1. Rhonda Albom
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    LOL – he deserved it. Good one 🙂 Thanks for the laughs.

  2. Marcia Shaw Wyatt
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    Well at least his conscience is clean now. LOL and thanks Steve. This is a good one! 😀

  3. Comedy Plus
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    Bwahahahahahahahaha. Well, he didn’t have any secrets did he.

    Have a fabulous Silly Sunday Steve. 🙂

  4. mimi says:

    At least it all came out right in the end! LOL

  5. Joyce
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    Makes sense to me.

  6. Binky
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    Well at least he got it off his chest.