Spotted Dick

I have heard it all now, canteen staff in the Flintshire County Council building in North Wales have renamed that old British pudding “Spotted Dick” in the canteen to “Spotted Richard” canteen staff complained about workers making “smutty” remarks, one councillor said he saw a sign in the dining room which said the usual like rice pudding etc and then saw “Spotted Richard”, he asked what it was and they told him.

What a bunch of misery’s they are in that canteen lol, spotted dick has been around for donkeys years, a council spokesman said it was due to immature comments from some customers, it does make you wonder what could be next on their menu tarts, toad in the hole?, the mind boggles…one thing is for sure it wouldn’t happen in Doncaster lol.

Oh well i’m off to enjoy some spotted dick…oops! i mean Richard.

Recipe for Spotted Dick

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  1. rick bean says:

    Hey, u talkin bout me? Oh no, that would be spotted twat, wouldn’t it?