The Fire At West London Telephone Exchange

Last week my local telephone exchange had a fire which resulted in a flood subsequently causing a major outage for home telephones, some mobiles and also broadband in the Paddington area and also North and West London, personally among many others i had all three down as i am next door to the exchange in London i could see the fire engines outside so immediately knew that there had been a big incident in there, full story can be found on The Register.

Anyway the next day in my case anyway my home phone, broadband and mobile connections were restored, although in the immediate area there was no banks open or any ATM machines working, the other good thing about it was that the alarms coming from the exchange finally went quiet..until the generators arrived and parked outside that is i can still hear them as i type, thankfully BT came around apologised and assured us the generators would be moved to the other side of the exchange shortly as they will be needed for the next few weeks till they have cleared the mess up and things are back to normal, it must have been in one hell of a mess over there.

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