15 Responses to “The Kilt”

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  1. papabear@kisahberuang.com says:

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    eewwww… LOL!

  2. Comedy Plus says:

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    Bwahahahahaha. That’s really the sh**s Steve. Bwahahahahaha.

    Have a terrific day. 🙂

  3. Steve says:

    Hmm… For once I am speechless.

    Have a great day!

  4. Ian@Unofficial Chart Blog says:

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    LOLOL – I always make sure I wipe well LOL – Funny as ever

  5. Mike says:

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    What a s****y thing to do to your blushing bride. that’s funny.

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    Like all good weddings, there is always a scrap and in this case it is probably best that Angus and Sarah can’t remember a thing!

  7. AVCr8teur says:

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    Wow, not sure how Angus can ever live this down once everyone knew about his poor hygiene.

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    Don’t know how they can have no memory of it when there are track marks on the dress.